Special Releases

Our library and special release wines are currently only available to Paratus Wine Club members.

In addition to being assured of an allocation of future Paratus vintages and preferred pricing on all purchases, we are offering Paratus Wine Club members access to our '04, ’05, ’06, and '09 library vintages in limited quantities. ('07, '08 are sold out). Supremus Club members also have access to our first vintage, the 2003 Paratus. Each vintage offers the distinctive Paratus profile of dark fruit, elegant texture, and balanced tannins, yet each has a personality of its own, reflecting the nuances of that year’s weather, cellar environment and the particular vine rows that were selected.

Club members have first access to our limited release Mount Veeder Chardonnay. Please ask us about other special releases such as verticals, magnums, etc.

To join the Paratus Wine Club, please click here. If you are already a Paratus Wine Club member, please click here to log in and view our older vintages.