Vintner and Owner

Rob Jennings

For Rob, it has been a joyful journey guiding Paratus Vineyards from a little-known producer of chardonnay grapes to the source of the prestigious and sought-after cabernet sauvignon that it is today. From  initially establishing the cabernet sauvignon vineyard nearly a decade ago, to assembling a team of top-notch winemakers and grapegrowing experts, and to the development of its unique wine brand, Rob has patiently built a boutique operation that produces world-class wines of exceptional quality.

As a boy growing up on Wisconsin farmlands, a deep connection to the land was fostered in him. After a successful career as a big-city marketing and media executive, he felt a desire to return to these roots and build a life in the country. He and his family found heaven on the forested, dramatic hillsides of Napa Valley’s western flank in a redwood-studded spread with orchards, forests, and a dramatic 12-acre vineyard. It fills him with awe to witness, year after year, nature’s forces and the estate’s terroir combine to produce a grape crop and a wine that is a standout in its complexity and distinctiveness.