Dear //FirstName//,

Understandably, the nation’s attention has been a bit distracted of late. Still, I am hoping I can grab yours for a moment so we can get your much deserved (and delectable) Paratus Wine Club shipment to you. All we are missing is an updated credit card. It’s very easy, just do one of the following:

  • log into your Paratus account here; if you’ve forgotten your login, follow the prompts to make changes
  • if using the same card as is currently on file, just update the expiration date
  • if adding a new card, follow the directions and make certain to click the boxes that indicate this will be your Primary Card and to use it for your Club membership; that is necessary before deleting your old card
  • while there, check to make sure your billing and shipping info is up to date - many of us are still working from home

If all that seems like a pain, just give a call (707-253-1722) and we will make the changes for you. OK to leave your CC info on the secure voicemail but best not to do so via email.

Thanks. You will love the new release, the 2016 Paratus Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon. Delightful!

All the best, Rob

Robert Jennings
Paratus Vineyards



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